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DOWN IN BRAZIL Michael Franks Down in Brazil It takes a day to walk a mile Time just stands still And when the people you meet Look at you, they smile They still believe in style They sooth you with their summers Till you really know you're Down in old Brazil You can tell you're down in old Brazil Down in Brazil They never heard of win or lose If you can't feel That all those cafe ole girls In high heel shoes Will really cure your blues It seems they all just aim to please Those women sway like wind In the banana trees Then you know you're Down in old Brazil -Instrumental Interlude- Down in Brazil They know a million ways to play You start to feel And when you're happy It's the same as when you pray You think you'll get away Then you know you never will Not when you've been Down in old Brazil Not when you are down in old Brazil (Fade to End) Down in old Brazil Down in old Brazil Down in old Brazil Down in old Brazil (Transcribed by Carlene Bogle - April 2002)


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