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DOWN THE OLD OX ROAD From the film "College Humor" (1933) (Sam Coslow / Arthur Johnston) Bing Crosby, Jack Oakie & Mary Kornman (Film Soundtrack) - 1933 Bing Crosby - 1933 Maxine Sullivan - 1938 The Crew Cuts - 1954 The Hi'Lo's - 1957 Joy Bryan - 1957 Also recorded by: Ambrose & His Orch; Bill Clifton. There's a famous thoroughfare I've heard collegiates say I'm not referring to Piccadilly It's not 42nd Street It's not the Rue de la Paix Nor is it Market Street in Philly Ask any college Romeo To complete your education, you must go Down the Old Ox Road Though you'll never find out where it is by looking on maps With a little investigation, you'll discover perhaps That this old tradition's not a place But just a proposition called The Old Ox Road, the Old Ox Road Ox road could be any romantic spot A country highway or a moonlit yacht It could be in the parlour when the lights are burning low It could be in the movies, in the very last row Down the Old Ox Road In the magic of the moonlight, you are filled with delight While the leaves that flutter o'er you whisper "lover tonight" Why keep waiting and debating, when you know it's time for mating Down the Old Ox Road, the Old Ox Road


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