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DOWN WHERE THE SWANEE RIVER FLOWS (Words by Chas. McCarron, Chas S. Alberte / Music by Albert Von Tilzer, 1916) I had a big surprise today while in a ten cent photo play, I really saw my old home town way down in Dixieland It was simply grand, just to sit right there, and gaze on the scenes of bygone days, made me yearn to return to the land and people, I will love always, I even saw the same old school, where I learned the golden rule. I'd like to meet the movie man, I want to shake him by the hand, I want to tell him that he wrote a grand scenario, he knew where to go, plain as day upon the screen, Hezakiah can be seen, Little Mose on his toes, looking at the camera, nearly spoiled the scene, I saw the cotton white as foam, I saw my home sweet home, Down where the Swanee River flows I want to be there Down where the cotton blossom grows, I want to see there, my little sister Flo', keepin' time with Uncle Joe, singing a song and raggin' on his old banjo I see my dear old Mother Oh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, how I love her, when the birds are singing in the wildwood My happy childhood comes back once more my heart is sore, that's why I'm going back where they care for me Every night they say a little prayer for me down where the Swanee River flows.


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