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DOWN WITH LOVE Harold Arlen (m) E Y "Yip" Harburg (l) 1937 Judy Garland rec 1960 also- Edythe Wright w Tommy Dorsey & his Orch '37 Lee Wiley w The Eddie Condon Sextet '43 Barbra Streisand '63 Teresa Brewer Bobby Darin Blossom Dearie George Melly w John Chilton's Feetwarmers Curtis Stigers You sons of Adam, you daughters of Eve, The time has come to take your love-torn hearts off your sleeve! Look, look about you; What, what do you see? Lovesick, lovelorn, love-wrecked, love-worn boo-hoomanity! There'll be no peace on earth until this curse Is wiped from this love-mad universe! Are we mice or men? Can you see the light? Come you fellow victims, let's unite! Down with love, the flowers and rice and shoes. Down with love, the root of all midnight blues. Down with things that give you that well-known pain, Take that moon and wrap it in cellophane! Down with love, let's liquidate all its friends, Moon and June and roses and rainbows' ends. Down with songs that moan about night and day, Down with love, yes take it away, away! Take it away, take it away, Give it back to the birds and bees and the Viennese! Down with eyes romantic and stupid, Down with sighs, down with Cupid, Brother, let's stuff that dove! Down with love, Down with love, Down, down, down with love! (Contributed by Peter Akers - November 2008)


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