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DOWN YONDER (L. Wolfe Gilbert) Recorded by : Eddie Adcock; Carla Bozulich; Jimmy Bryant; Joe "Fingers" Carr; Jo Anne Castle; Spade Cooley; Bing Crosby; Red Foley; Johnny Gimble; Jim & Jesse; Johnny & The Hurricanes; Johnny Maddox; Magic Organ; Jesse McReynolds; Willie Nelson; Boots Randolph; David Schnaufer; James Alan Shelton; Skillet Lickers II; Arthur Smith; Gid Tanner; Hank Thompson; Del Wood. Railroad train, railroad train, hurry some more; Put a little steam on just like never before. Hustle on, bustle on, I've got the blues, Yearning for my Swanee shore. Brother if you only knew, you'd want to hurry up, too. (Refrain:) Down yonder, someone beckons to me, Down yonder, someone reckons on me. I seem to see a race in memory Between the Natchez and the Robert E. Lee. Swanee shore, I miss you more and more; Ev'ryday, my mammy land, you're simply grand Down yonder, when the folks get the news, Don't wonder at the hullabaloo. There's Daddy and Mammy, there's Ephram and Sammy, Waitin' down yonder for me. Summer night, fields of white, bright cotton moon ? My, but I feel glad I'm gonna see you all soon! 'Lasses cakes mammy bakes, I taste them now. I'll see my sweetie once more, There's lots of kissing in store. (Contributed by Monique - June 2004)


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