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DO YOU ? DON'T YOU ? WILL YOU ? WON'T YOU ? (Eddy Eckels / Leroy Stover, 1909) Do you know my heart's aching, Wondering if you'll say no, Don't you see that it's breaking, Because I love you so, Will you give me a chance dear, Girlies like you are quite few, Won't you think dear how lonesome life is without a girl like you; Do you remember kid days, You used to tease me then too, Don't you see with those kid ways, That you make me feel blue, Will you come close and whisper, That you've been teasing in fun, Won't you be mine for now I think it's time our hearts were made one; Do you, Don't you, Will you, Won't you Love me sweetheart dear, Can I, Can't I, Shall I, Shan't I with you be sincere, Will you, won't you love but me, Would you, could you, happy be, Do you? Don't you? Will you? Won't you love me tenderly?


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