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DREAMING A DREAM Joseph Tunbridge (m) Jack Waller (m) Harry Weston (m) Bert Lee (l) R P Weston (l) 1934 Al Bowlly w Ray Noble & his Orch rec Aug 30th 1934 London Dreaming a dream, Night and day I am far, far away. Dreaming a dream, I hear somebody tenderly say Loving words of devotion, And the joy is so tender, so sweet, I am so thrilled with emotion, I can feel my heart beat, beat, beat, beating! Dreaming a dream, I'm at home in the cottage I prize, Watching the gleam Of the love light in somebody's eyes! Closer to her side I creep and fall asleep, Then wake with empty arms and weep; I am dreaming a dream That may ne'er come true. (Contributed by Peter Akers - February 2009)


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