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DREAMING OF MOTHER AND HOME SWEET HOME (Words and Music by E.B. Holmes, 1906) When but a boy I wander'd from mother's fireside, To seek a world of pleasure, steer forth on fortune's tide: Beyond familiar places enchantment seem'd to gleam, But now I know it was a boyish dream. My mother tried to tell me my course would bring regret, But, like a boy, I thought she did not know, And tho' her lips are silent I well remember yet Her loving words of warning long ago. I'm And now I want to tell you, in words both plain and true As through this world you travel, firm friends you'll find are few. Should sickness overtake you, misfortune to come, Your thoughts will turn to mother dear and home. For when your purse is empty and worthless friends depart, And you are in this wide, wide world alone, There's one who still remembers, with every yearning heart 'Tis mother in your dear, and distant home. I'm Dreaming of mother, of my own dear mother, And now there's no other To take her place with me. Now fate has bereft me, And no one is left me, I'm dreaming of mother and of Home Sweet Home.


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