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DREAMING OF YOU (Laura Baker, 1921) As I sit alone tonight dear, I dream of days gone by, I'm wondering if you love me yet From my heart there comes a sigh, I seem to feel your presence, dear, And see those eyes of blue, Their pleading gaze I still can see While dreamin, dear, of you. I see you once again dear, As I did when we were wed, I hear that wondrous music now and those old, old words you said, "I'll love and honor and protect, Until us death does part, The years have flown, now I'm alone, Alone with a broken heart. You're just the same sweet boy to me You were in days of yore, I love you yet, I can't forget, I'm dreaming o'er and o'er, I seem to see the old oak tree, Where we made our vows so true, I'm dreaming of the one I love And that one is always you.


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