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DREAM OF OLWEN From the film “While I Live” (Charles Williams / Winifred May) Reggie Goff Also recorded by : Richard Clayderman; Roderick Elms; The Luton Girls Choir; Annunzio P. Mantovani; Nigel Ogden; Newell Oler; Michael Stairs; Charles Williams. Olwen, I hear you call to me At moonrise across a golden sea Softly the waves make melody To wake all my song of memory Olwen come to me I implore Tell me where shall I find you Olwen till the stars shine no more True unto you I shall be Deep is the blue that veils the night The light in the west has faded But I must pursue till dawn breaks through The dream I am dreaming of you, beloved (Orchestral Interlude) Olwen in the wings of the wind Fondly your voice is calling Calling from a world far apart And strangely you seem To answer the dream in my heart (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2005)


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