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DRIFTING UNDER A SUMMER MOON (Harding, Coningsby) As recorded by: Jay Wilbur’s Band (as Connecticut Collegians) V. Louis Spiro (Tully Stewart) Recorded 20th July 1932 Drifting along, crooning a song That’s what I’m trying to do Who cares what river, who cares what song So long as I’m drifting with you Man in the moon up in the skies Be kind and close your eyes As through loves pages We run one by one And reach happiness ere we’re done What if the dew comes floating down Shrouding the earth with a silvery gown We’ll be so happy, oh so happy Because our love is true Drifting along, crooning a song Time passes all too soon Down on the river, drifting along Under a summer moon. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - September 2013)


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