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DRIVIN' (Ray Davies) The Kinks It seems like all the world is fighting They're even talking of a war Let all the Russians and the Chinese And the Spanish do their fighting The sun is shining We're going drivin', drivin' Drop all your work Leave it behind Forget all your problems And get in my car And take a drive with me The sandwiches are packed The tea is in the flask We've plenty of beer And gooseberry tarts So take a drive with me We'll take your mother if you want to We'll have a picnic on the grass Forget your nephews And your cousins and your brothers and your sisters They'll never miss us 'Cos we'll be drivin', drivin'. drivin'. drivin' Thousands of trees Hundreds of fields Millions of birds So why don't you come And take a drive with me We'll talk to the cows And laugh at the sheep We'll lie in a field And we'll have a sleep So take a drive with me And all the troubled world around us Seems an eternity away And all the debt collectors Rent collectors All will be behind us But they'll never find us 'Cos we'll be drivin', drivin', drivin', drivin' Passed Barnet Church Up to Potters Bar We won't be home late It's not very far So take a drive with me, take a drive with me Drivin', drivin', drivin', drivin'


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