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DR. LOVE (Allan Felder / Norman Harris / R. Tyson) First Choice - 1977 He's got the potion and emotion When I'm feeling low, when my love starts to glow He's got the power every hour He's the reason why my face is all aglow Just one kissin' his lips as I'm taking Vitamin C Oh you can imagine what the doctor does to me Doctor Love, he can kill my every pain He can make me well again Doctor Love, he ain't got no competition Only he writes smart prescription Doctor Love, Doctor Love, hu...Doctor Love I needed a major operation Never thought that I'd survive from my broken heart He took me in anticipation You better believe, he knew where to start There's no need for me to need an apple everyday Oh, he saw enough in me to take the pain away Dr. Love, he don't need no office life 'Cause he operates at night Dr. Love, what he does is keep me well What he does I'll never tell Dr. Love, sweet Dr. Love Dr. Love, Dr. Love, Dr. Love, Dr. Love, Dr. Love, He ain't got no competition (Courtesy of


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