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DROP THAT NAME From the Broadway Show "Bells Are Ringing" (1956) (Jule Styne / Betty Comden / Adolph Green) Judy Holliday & Chorus (Broadway Production) - 1956 Judy Holiday & Chorus (Film Soundtrack) - 1960 Faith Prince & Chorus (Broadway Revival) - 2001 (José Ferrer and Janet Blair and Fred Astaire and Vincent Minelli) (Daniel Mann and Lynn Fontanne, Elia Kazan, the former Grace Kelly) (Louie Schurr and Courtney Burr and Irving Lazar) (Anthony Quinn) ............And Rin Tin Tin! (Doris Day and Barry Gray and Edna Best) (Arthur Loew and Vaughn Monroe, Rebecca West) (Irving Shaw and Evelyn Waugh and Errol Flynn) (Rory Calhoun) .............And Rin Tin Toon! (Barney Baruch and King Farouk, Alistair Cooke and Debbie and Eddie) (Lucille Ball and Lauren Bacall, Hedy Lamarr, Roz Russel and Freddie) (Carol Reed and Sammy Snead and Deborah Kerr) (Anna May Wong) ............And Ron Ton Tong! (Errol Flynn!) Rin Tin Tin! (Edmund Gwenn!) Ren Ten Ten! (Ali Kahn!) Rahn Tan Tan! (Raymond Massey!) Lassie! (That's the way you play the game) (Drop that name!) ************************************* DROP THAT NAME As performed in the 1960 film by Judy Holliday & Chorus: (Frank......Sinatra, Albert......Schweitzer), Ingrid......Bergman) (Noel......Coward, Gene......Kelly, Oscar......Levant) (La, la, la, la, la, la) (Brigitte Bardot and Jean Pateau, Marilyn Monroe, Vincent Minelli) (Fred Astaire and René Clair, José Ferrer, the former Grace Kelly) (Lynn Fontanne and Danny Mann and Deborah Kerr) (Irving Berlin) ..........And Rin Tin Tin! (Danny Kaye and Doris Day and Pasternak) (Hemingway and Prince Rainier or Moran and Mack) (Irwin Shaw and Evelyn Waugh and Cary Grant) (Rory Calhoun) ...........And Rin Tin Toon! (Barney Baruch and King Farouk, Alistair Cooke, Lizzie and Eddie) (Lucille Ball and Lauren Bacall, Vivien Leigh, Roz Russel and Freddie) (Arthur Freed and Sammy Snead and Irving Lazar) (Anna May Wong) ..........And Ron Ton Tong! (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-hah) (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-hah) 1st MALE: Flew down to Cannes to get a tan Then simply ran to dear Portofino FEMALE: St. Tropez just turned me gray 'Cause night and day I lived on just vino 2nd MALE: Stayed with Fritz at Biarritz The playground of kings ...... glamourous sights JUDY HOLLIDAY: Like Brooklyn Heights 1st FEMALE: Well, Christian Dior I wore, then tore Got fitted for a new Balenciaga 2nd FEMALE: I like Chanel, she wears so well As time will tell, her flows are a saga 3rd FEMALE: Valentina's where I've been I love all her things, things with good lines JUDY HOLLIDAY: Like things from Kleins? I do all my shopping there with Mary and Ethel 3rd FEMALE: Mary and Ethel who? JUDY HOLLIDAY: Mary Schwartz and Ethel Hodgkiss! (Keenan Wynn) Rin Tin Tin! (Sophia Loren) Ren Ten Ten! (Ali Kahn) Rahn Tan Tan! (Raymond Massey) Lassie! (That's the way you play the game) (Drop that na-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-me, ah-haaaaah!) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle & Ferda Dolunay - February 2006) *********************************


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