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DURATION BLUES (Johnny Mercer) Johnny Mercer - 1943 This modern age we're goin' through Has got me in a spin Uh, I ain't too bright to start with Now here's the seat I'm in For anything and everything There's stamps you got to use The "Ds" and "Gs" are groceries I think the "Ts" are shoes You have to be a FBI man To figure out all the clues And that's the situation When you got them Duration Blues The army and the draft board Keeps me kind of mixed up too You're in if you is 1-A But if you ain't, then who are you The 3-As is essential And the 4-Fs all have athsma 2-B gents is in defence Or else they're givin' plasma Or else man you ain't go nothin' That the armed services can use That is the unfortunate situation When you've got them Duration Blues Food will win the war, they say And that's okay with me But when I go to the corner store What do I see There's Spam and wham and deviled ham And somethin' new called Zoom Just take it home and heat it To the temperature of the room And you can bake it, flake it, shake it Make it, take it any way you choose Jack, that's the situation When you got the Duration Blues And then on top of everything The taxes roll around I went to see the income man And this is what I found Oh, you multiplies the profit And incorporates the loss Deducting all expenditures And anything else you come across Then if you satisfy the government It's 10-to-1 the little woman sues Oh, that's my situation I got them Duration Blues (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2015)


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