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DUTY CALLS From the London Stage Musical "Blitz" (1962) (Lionel Bart) Tom Kempinski & Chorus (London Production) - 1962 Farewell, I've 'ad my share of comfort and rest 'igh time to heed the battle cry No time for me to pack, so boys pat me on the back And I'll kiss the girls goodbye Duty calls, duty calls And a man can't stick around when duty calls No your lover nor your mother will be there to wash your smalls Duty calls, got to go now, duty calls One day Sir Francis Drake was out playin' bowls Spaniards were sailin' in from.......Spain Would we be in a mess, we would if the good Queen Bess Had never sung this refrain Duty calls, duty calls You must answer, dear Sir Francis, duty calls The Armada presses harder while you play with wooden balls Duty calls, dear Sir Francis, duty calls Where can a married man escape to each night Where can he fly to find some peace Find one, he's doin' fine and blimey, it's half-past-nine And his piece of fun must cease 'Cos duty calls, duty calls Have a nice time on the tiles till duty calls Save some kisses for the missus with 'er rollin' pin aboard Duty calls, mind your barnet, duty calls We know we 'ave to go to 'eaven or 'ell We don't 'ave any other choice But when the day is near, I'm not goin' till I 'ear These words from an angel's voi-oi-oi-oi-oice Duty calls, duty calls Though you've been a villain, 'arry, duty calls Yeah, they'll take me to an angel, no more bunkin' over walls Duty calls, 'allelujah, duty calls, Oh! No! (Duty calls, duty calls) (Though you've been a villain, Harry, duty calls) (Yes, they'll take you to an angel, no more bunkin' over walls) (Duty calls, Hallelujah) Ta-ta, Mum (Duty calls) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2009) (Contributed by Jean-Marie DelFabbro - March 2009)


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