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EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY Bob Dylan First time I ever worked in East Orange, New Jersey -- Folks, never go to East Orange, New Jersey, It's a horrible town. I one had to play in a coffeehouse out there. It was so bad -- uh -- so bad, People playing chess out there -- uh -- It's all they thought about Was chess 'n' chess 'n' chess. People come up to me You play a song, you play a real quiet song' In the middle of the song ya hear "check" And "Hey, that was a good move" And all kinds of stuff like that. Yes, folks, it was so bad I had a little dream out there The first night I worked, About this chess playing stuff. I dreamed I went to work out in East Orange, New Jersey, And -- uh -- about the time I quit in two days I went there to ask the guy for my money, "I worked two days for you" He says, "Uh, well, o.k., we don't pay money around here, though." I says, "Uh, yeah?" He says, "Uh, well" He says, "Uh, we pay chessmen." I said, "Uh, well, gimme my chessmen then. I worked for two days." I was sort of -- didn't really figure -- I thought he was lying at first, But I took it anyway. He gave me a king and a queen for working two days. I says, "Uh, fine, that's o.k." So I took my king and queen, went down to a bar, the nearest bar I could find. I walked in the bar and ordered a pint. Down the bar, the bartender, I says, "Can I have a pint?" I'll be damned, he give me a pint. He asks me for the money, I gave him my king and queen. I'll be damned, he took that king and queen, Threw it under the counter, And brought me out four pawns, two bishops, and a rook for change. Little story about East Orange, New Jersey.


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