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EASY COME, EASY GO BLUES W Jackson / E Brown as recorded by Bessie Smith January 10th 1924 New York Some folks, they always cryin', Cryin' their mean old blues; Not me, you never even see me frown! Some folks just walk around tryin', Tryin' hard not to lose, But I felt, "Let it come, the better burn!", I'm the happiest gal in town! Easy come, easy go, nothin' ever worries me, Care for none, eyes of stone, don't know misery! If my speed man trouble, or if he don't, I'll get someone to love me any time he won't! Easy come, easy go, right from my head to shoes! Don't want to be no skinny vamp or nothin' like that, Daddy always knows just where his free mama's at! I'm overflowing with those easy come, easy go blues! He'll swallow me up, plenty lovin', hear what I said, Believe me I go out to let him most every day! I'm overflowing with those easy come, easy go blues! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2013)


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