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ECHO PARK Keith Barbour - 1969 It's the morning soon he'll rise Find the glasses for his eyes Aren't what they used to be Picks up the clothes he's worn so long On the bureau sits the picture of a lady And the mural of a man who's been gone for many years (CHORUS) The old man walks in Echo Park From bench to bench he moves from morning `til dark For the ducks some bread he brings Wonder if he'll feed them this time next spring Listening to the children play Reminds him of other days Many years ago Thoughts of a child that he helped grow And the memory of a letter saying dear sir We regret to inform you, your son will not be coming home (REPEAT CHORUS) (BRIDGE) Old man tell me are there fears Do you measure life in years Or is one day all you'll ever know I've got to know (REPEAT CHORUS) (CODA) Have I been a good man Have I tried to see the light Wish I may, wish I might Have the wish I wish tonight Have I been a good man


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