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ECSTASY >From the film "Dakota Lil (1950) (Raoul Kraushaar / Irwin Coster / Maurice Geraghty / Jack Jungmeyer) Marie Windsor (Film Soundtrack) - 1950 I never try to lure men Secure men, allure men I try to be a lady But they won't let me be But all know what excites them Delights them, enlights them I can't recall the word they use Oh yes, it's ecstasy I tried to look it up in books But there's no word for it I don't mean what you think I do I mean the opposite A woman's wiles decoy men Destroy men, that's why men I never will emply them Because there is no need I can't quite understand why It chills me, it thrills me But I can never live without This thing called ecstasy (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2017)


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