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EEE-0-ELEVEN From the Film "Ocean's Eleven" (1960) (Sammy Cahn / James Van Heusen) Sammy Davis Jr. One day I'll have me a chauffeur ... And a block long limousine Eee-o-Eleven Eee-o-Eleven Someday I'll have me a penthouse Stacks and stacks of folding green Eee-o-Eleven Eee-o-Eleven It's all a state of mind Whether or not you'll fine That place down there or heaven In the meantime Eee-o-Eee-o Eee-o-Eleven Eee-o-Eleven Eee-o-Eleven Show me a man without a dream And I'll show you a man that's dead Real Dead Once I had me a dream But that dream got kicked in the head Dream dead I nearly had me that chauffeur And that block long limousine. Eee-o-Eleven Eee-o-Eleven I nearly had me that penthouse All them stacks of folding green Eee-o-Eleven Eleven Some Judge is gonna say I'm putting you away For four score years and seven In the meantime Eee-o-Eleven Eee-o-Eleven


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