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EGG AND CHIPS >From the film "It's All Happening" (1963) (Music: Norman Newell / Lyrics: Philip Green) Tommy Steele (Film Soundtrack) - 1963 Egg and chips, cuppa tea, slice o' bread and butta Pass the sauce, ta mate, I'll have another cuppa 'Cause I'm mad about the doll workin' at the corner cafe Can't keep away from lurkin' at the corner gaff I never stop eatin' Rasher fried, beans on toast, now a cup o' cocoa Believe me, mate, she's the most, fairly drives me loco Blond hair, blue eyes, figure that's a must I'm a-gonna make her my doll if I eat till I bust So I say Kipper fried, bread and jam, now I got a question Can I scoff grilled ham, it gives me indigestion But I'm crazy for the doll workin' at the corner cafe Spend all my spare time lurkin' at the corner gaff A-get a load o' this now (Orchestral Interlude / Dance Routine) 'Ad a bit o' luck though Takin' her out Saturday night, dancin' at the Palais If I play my cards right, we might get really pally I'm a-gonna date 'er for later I hope she'll be my steady And when I know she's my gal we'll go down to the corner cafe And order Two eggs and chips, two cups o' tea, got to 'ave a meal like What Luv, sorry Luv, you 'ave what you feel like 'Cause I'm mad about you darlin', tell me that you love me too 'Cause until you do I'll never stay 'way from you And eatin' Egg and chips, cuppa tea, rasher fried, beans on toast Kipper grilled, bread and jam, piece o' cake etcetera, etcetera, etcetera Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2014)


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