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EIGHT HOUR WOMAN Johnson as rec by Edith Johnson 1929 Now when it's good and dark, babe, you see me walkin' all by myself, by myself, Ah, when it's real dark, honey, you see me all bt myself, I don't wanna be worried and bother with nobody else! And when the sun comes out and shines, ah just see me and my shadow, Ah, when the sun shines, you see me and my shadow, Oh, I'm always alone, nothing else matters! I'm minding my own business, is the best I can do, Ah baby, minding my own business is the best thing that I can do, And if you do the same, you'd stay out of trouble too! Don't you know I'm that certain kind of woman all men hope to find some day? I think I'm that kind of woman all men hope to find some day, You know, I don't take much to make me happy, eight hours and bring me all your pay! Ah, if you take me up, honey, don't I meam you can't go wrong, ah that's for me! If you take me up, baby, I mean you can't go wrong, 'Cause when I fall in love, baby, Lord it's for so long! You know, I thought I heard my baby say, "(scat), take it away! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - June 2011)


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