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EITHER IT’S LOVE OR IT ISN’T (Alan Roberts, Doris Fisher) As recorded by: Roy Fox & His Band V. Beryl Templeman Recorded in 1947 Also recorded by: The Ink Spots Charlie Ventura Featured in the 1947 Film “Dead Reckoning” Starring Humphrey Bogart & Lisbeth Scott. Performed by Lisbeth Scott (Dubbed by Trudy Stevens) Either it’s love or it isn’t There’s no compromise Either it’s real or it isn’t There’s no otherwise Don’t want your arms Don’t want your lips If your heart isn’t mine to the core Take them away Come back the day You’ve learned what a heart is for Either you’re true or you’re not There’s no in between If you’ve been lied to by someone You’ll know what I mean It took far too many romances To teach this fool to be wise Either it’s love or it isn’t There’s no compromise (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - December 2013))


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