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ELLIE THE ELEPHANT Thea Haskett Macol Ellie the elephant went out to play, On a blustery winter's day. Blowing bubbles from her nose And golden rings upon her toes. Stomping along so merrily Looking for something to do or see. She came upon a crocodile Wearing a suspicious smile. Chorus: Hello said Ellie. How are you? Where do you come from? What do you do? Well I sit in this marsh and I have the munchies I'm thinking right now don't your toes look crunchy. My toes! Cried Ellie you may not eat For they are an important part of my feet. Ellie marched off all in a huff And started looking for other stuff. She came upon a little mouse Living in a little house. Chorus I sit in my home eating my cheese Waiting for an elephant to terrify and tease. Eeeck! Cried Ellie and off she flew Off to find something different and new. She came upon a great big bear Covered in coal-black hair. Chorus I look for hives full of sweet honey Right now I see a nose that is funny. That's not a very nice thing to say I think that I will be on my way. Tired, lonely a little blue Ellie didn't know what next to do. (Just) When about to call it a day She came upon something (quite) large and gray. Chorus My dear elephant friend can't you see That you look just the same as me? I'm an elephant just like you Sadly enough we're two of a few. Let's stick together as traveling friends We'll have (many) adventures and fun that never ends. Chorus


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