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EVELYN (Hugo Felix / Anne Caldwell, 1916) Love I think is tommy rot, girls are such a funny lot Only one my manly fancy seems to please. But without the least excuse With me she can raise the deuce, For the little villain is a fearful tease, Always messing me about, Till I want to shout. I could win a score of them, Then I'd win some more of them But upon my soul, I think I'm too blase! Just this one girl seems to start, Little twitters round my heart, Doctor diagnosed the case as "love" today, It is such a fearful bore, I'll have to say once more. Oh, Evelyn, oh, Evelyn, You'll have to quit your devilin'! You tease and antalize me so, You've surely got me "on the go!" Oh Evelyn, Oh Evelyn, Just mind what you're about, If you are on the level in the game you seem to revel in, Oh Evelyn quit your devilin' Just cut it out.


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