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EVEN AFTER Ron Dante I know the place is just a mess I guess I kinda let things slide 'Cause you were gone I didn't care I only know I hurt inside And now you ask if I still care for you Even after, even after, you went off with someone new... (chorus) Even after (even after) I still want you like before I forgive you, even after You found new arms to explore Starting needing, hoping, praying you would walk back through that door Even after, even after And maybe even more A million questions in my mind With answers I don't wanna find I only know you're here again And life can be what life was then Can't run away 'cause there's no place to hide I am helpless, 'cause my love for you goes deeper than my pride (repeat chorus) Even after, even after, And maybe even more (Transcribed by Laura Pinto - August 2002)


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