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EVEN COWBOYS LIKE A LITTLE ROCK & ROLL (Charlie Daniels) Chris LeDoux Also recorded by: Charlie Daniels Well now cowboys love the ladies They like beans and sourdough Good horses and hot black coffee And campfires burnin' low You know we love that cowboy music But I'll bet you didn't know That even cowboys like just a little Rock & roll CHORUS Even cowboys like a little bit of rock & roll Yeah we all got some boogie woogie in our soul There's a little bit of Buddy Holly (Chuck Berry) (Charlie Daniels) In every cowboy that I know And even cowboys like a little bit of rock & roll Now when your camped out on the prairie And that ole moon is shinin' bright You can hear those cattle bawlin' soft 'n low There's nothin' like a cowboy's song to make it all feel just right But even cowboys like a little bit rock & roll CHORUS Now those old buckaroos are set in their ways And they'll even tell you so Say they don't like nothin' but them old time cowboy songs Yeah but I've seen the green grass growin' Underneath that winter snow I'll bet them old cowboys even like a little rock & roll CHORUS Yeah there's a little long hair In every single cowboy that I know And even cowboys like a little bit of rock & roll (Contributed by - April 2007)


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