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EVER-GRUMBLING JOE (Words & Music : A.S. Gatty) Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans - Adaptation Copyright 2000 Terry Kluytmans He didn't like chicken, He didn't like bread, He didn't like anything Anyone said; He didn't like mornings Or going to bed, Didn't Grumbling, Ever-grumbling Joe. He didn't like toys Or his big sister Jayne, He didn't like travelling By bus or by train, He didn't like sunshine, He didn't like rain, Didn't Grumbling, Ever-grumbling Joe. He didn't like school, And he didn't like fun, He didn't like walking, There's no way he'd run! He never would listen, Not to anyone! No, not Grumbling, Ever-grumbling Joe. Well, Joe's Mom and Dad, They soon had quite enough Of little Joe's grumbling And so they got tough. They started to take away All of his stuff! That cured Grumbling, Ever-grumbling Joe! And now he likes chicken, He even likes Jayne! He plays in the sunshine, He reads in the rain, He runs for the paper, He rides on the train, No more Grumbling, Ever-grumbling Joe!


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