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EVER SINCE TIME BEGAN (Arthur Fields / Fred Hall / Bert Van Cleve) Annette Hanshaw - 1931 All my life I've been a dreamer of golden dreams And I hoped that someday they'd come true There was only one boy in all my plans and schemes Now I know that boy was you Ever since time began, I've loved you And till the end of time I'll care Ever since stars first shone above you And just as long as they shine I swear I'll love you Ever since love was born, I've waited Knowing that love was made for us two And though we met just now, in my heart I know somehow Ever since time began, I've loved you (Orchestral Interlude) Ever since time began, my daydreams All have been filled with thoughts of you Ever since I first saw the sunbeams Your smiles have changed all my skies of grey to blue Ever since I met you, I'm happy Gone are the cares and troubles I once knew And since you came along, life is just one happy song Ever since time began, I've loved you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2014)


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