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EVERYBODY KNEW BUT ME (Bonnie Tutmarc / Paul Tutmarc) Paul Tutmarc & The Wranglers (vocal: Bonnie Tutmarc) - 1953 Everybody knew that your heart was never true Your love for me was dying day by day They knew that you were laughing and playing me along And I was fool enough to stay Everybody knew, all my friends so true Would look at me and say how can it be Never would they tell me you were longing to be free Everybody knew but me (Instrumental Break) All my friends would wonder when another love you found They'd try to console my aching heart They didn't know that all my fears were clinging there inside Waiting for the teardrops to start Everybody knew that I wanted only you And I'd pray both night and day she'd set you free I have watched you in your play, hoping love would find a way Everybody knew but me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2017)


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