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EVERYBODY'S MAKING MONEY BUT TCHAIKOVSKY (Charles Broad / John Farrow / Ken Krippene / Gilbert Roe) Les Brown & His Orch. (vocal: Betty Bonney) - 1941 SPOKEN: BUTCH STONE: Hello Betty. What's the matter? You look broad! BETTY BONNEY: Yeah, I feel like a zero, a great big nought BUTCH STONE: How come, baby, you feel that way? BETTY BONNEY: Well you just listen, Butch, to what I've got to say...... Ev'rybody's making money but Tchaikovsky The music boys are giving him the runaround-ski Did Tchaikovsky make the grade Just consult your hit parade Then you'll know the old boy was a wow-ski Ev'rybody's making money but Tchaikovsky Ev'rything you hear is his and how-ski Now, if you want to write a hit Here is how they're doin' it Grab a spade and dig-dig-dig Tchaikovsky (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2007) (Contributed by - March 2007)


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