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EVERYBODY STEP Irving Berlin 1921 Ella Fitzgerald w Chick Webb & his Orch rec June 9th 1938 New York also- Paul Whiteman & his Orch '21 Bing Crosby w John Scott Trotter & his Orch '46 Cliff Edwards Max Moraff Sid Phillips & his Band The Three Peters Sisters Everybody step to the syncopated rhythm, Let's be goin' with 'em when they begin. You'll be sayin' 2Yes sir, the band is grand, He's the best professor in all the land!" Listen to the pep that emerges >From the middle of the jazzy fiddle under his chin. Oh, what music, the clarinetter couldn't be better! Hear that strain, I don't know just what it is but it's great! They simply ruin it, Look at 'em doin' it! Come come, don't hesitate! Everybody step if you want to see a glutton When it comes to struttin' over the ground; Wait till you see My little sweetie and me Step step steppin' around! (Contributed by Peter Akers - October 2008)


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