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EVERYBODY WANTS A KEY TO MY CELLAR (Ed. Rose / Billy Baskette / Lew Pollace, 1919) Down in my cellar, down in my cellar, I've been changing everything around, I've a secret hidden there, I'll guard it with my life, There's only one mistake I made I told it to my wife. Down in my cellar, down in my cellar, I've been having parties every night, People that I never knew come up and talk to me, They're trying hard to find out where I hang my cellar key. Now everybody wants a key to my cellar, my cellar, my cellar, People who before wouldn't give me a tumble, Even perfect strangers are beginning to grumble, 'Cause I won't let them have a key to my cellar, They'll never get in just let them try. They can have my money, They can have my car, They can have my wife If they want to go that far, But they can't have the key that opens my cellar, If the whole darn world goes dry.


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