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EVERY MOTHER'S SON THERE SANG "THE WEARING OF THE GREEN" (Edward Rogers / Joe Hollander, 1907) There was fun galore on the parlor floor Down at McVeigh's tenement. Such a time had they, on McVeigh's birthday, With Irish element. Every one of them were drinking Creme de Menthe; Faith and that's the way the evening it was spent. Till Con. O ' Shea says "Come McVeigh, lets have some merriment." Well, a row began when poor Dan McCann, Got a hugging Murphy's wife. Sure says Mike O' Toole, "Man you are a fool, Faith he's known her all his life". In excitement Tim McVeigh turned out the light; When the copper came, he thought there was a fight. He broke the door then cussed and swore, And all was pinched that night. To the jail they went, But no bail was sent, So they kept them there all right, Till the Cop says he, You will not get free, For the row you made last night." So, they went before the Judge called Mike McCue, Says he, "Tell me what the devil did you do?" "Why look here Judge, It's just a grudge, We'll sing the song for you." The mother sang, the father sang, The sister sang as well; The parrot sang, the whole she-bang, Let out an awful yell. It really was an Irish night, It's like you've never seen; For every mother's son there sang, the "Wearing Of The Green."


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