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EVERY ROAD LEADS ME BACK TO YOU (George Mac Farlane / William Dunham / T. Leonard Coleman, 1920) There's a road that leads to happiness, there's a road that leads to pain I've traveled each and every one, alone and back again thru every dell and every dale and by way that we knew in rain or shine, the endless time, all lead me back to you There's the road that leads to after years, there's the road that leads to home the one that runs thru loneliness, which many of us roam but hand in hand together, dear in stormy day or fair to the golden sunset of our lives, on the road that leads us there Every road seems to lead the way to the island of yesterday and down lovers lane we wandered again while the birds sing their same sweet lay and again it is you I woo Every flower remembers you too At the crossroads of time I'll still wish you were mine, every road leas me back to you.


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