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EVERYTHING BUT YOU Levant as rec by Frances Day & Max Kirby w Orch cond by Ray Noble July 8th 1932 London [mk] Go away! Haven't I told you I've finished with blondes for ever? I want a woman I can't see in the dark! [fd] Ohh! Can't you be more easy to please? [mk] You don't seem so easy to please! Why be so insistent? [fd] Must we be so distant? Does this mean you'll never unbend? Can't you fancy me for a friend? Why must we be formal? [mk] I'm perfectly normal! Lots of things I like; Flowers in the Spring, Gardens by moonlight, birdies that sing! I like mountains, lakes and music, I like everything but you! [fd] Ohh! [mk] Lots of things I want; Freedom from care, Sunshine to loaf in, money to spare! I want rest and sweet contentment, I want everything but you! [fd] Ohh! [mk] I like shady walks, quiet peaceful shady walks, But I like to walk without you! I like cosy talks, quiet cosy little talks, [fd] And me? [mk] But I want to talk about you! Lots of things I need, take it from me, I need my breakfast, also my tea! I need sugar in my coffee, I need everything but you! [fd] Oh dear! I must seem quite silly to you, Liking you the way that I do! [mk] That doesn't surprise me; Still, your method tries me! [fd] But I'm not always quite such a fool; Most particular, me as a rule! [mk] I'd care if it mattered! [fd] You ought to be flattered! Lots of things I hate; Ping-pong and slides, Soup and galoshes, bridge and black ties! I hate rules and regulations, [mk] No! [fd] I hate everything but you! Lots of things I hate; Fat men in spats, [mk] Tsk tsk tsk tsk! [fd] Wireless programmes, prunes and top hats! I hate string quartets and spinach, I hate everything but you! I hate flutes and mice, listening to advice, Getting out of bed on Mondays! I hate catching trains and eating cold remains Of the things I had on Sunday! lots of things I hate; Colds in the head, Plus-fours and Shakespeare, crumbs in my bed! [mk] Indeed! [fd] I hate fish and my relations, [mk] All of them? [fd] I hate everything but you! [mk] Women! I wish there weren't any women! [fd] If there weren't any women, who'd mend your clothes? [mk] If there weren't any women, I wouldn't wear any clothes! [fd] My caveman! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2012)


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