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EVERY WORD I WRITE (Jan Crutchfield / Roger Bowling / George Richey) Billie Jo Spears - 1976 Dottie West - 1977 Today I brought myself a brand new pencil I picked up a yellow legal pad It's gonna take at least that many pages To write you all the bad times that I've had Just so there's no mistake about me leavin' Goodbye will be the first word that I write Writing this is gonna be so easy Rememb'ring all the lonely nights I cried I wish that I could hide and watch you read this I'd like to see the look that's on your face At first you'll smile and think I'm only jokin' But the smile will fade, a tear will take its place When you read the part where I no longer love you You'll try your best to think between the lines But I'm gonna make it plain enough to show you If I have to write it down a thousand times (Instrumental Break) But every word I write comes out "I love you" I'd like to say it's over, but no matter how I try Every word I write comes out "I love you" 'Cause I've loved you much too long to say goodbye Yes, I've loved you much too long to say goodbye (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2018)


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