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EV'RY TIME (Martin / Blane) from 1941 New York musical "Best Foot Forward" also 1943 film (Ralph Blane / Hugh Martin 1941) as recorded by Debbie Reynolds 1959 False or true, I wish I had a clue or two; Where I stood I thought I knew, Or should! True or false, Life was a never ending waltz, Then it caught the somersaults For good; I might have known it would! Ev'ry time my heart begins to dance, The world steps on my little toes! Ev'ry time I take a little chance, I pay right through my little nose! Ev'ry time I fly my little kite, It catches on a tree! Ev'ry time I throw an anchor out, It pulls me in the sea! Ev'ry time I feel a little glow, I always get a little shock! Ev'ry time I stick my little chin out, Always get a little knock! And when I aim my arrows at the sun, They always miss their mark, Leaving just a lonely little lady In the dark! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2017)


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