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EXIT 9 The Herd You wake in the night but the light's so bright you lie in the corner with your eyes in fright You run for your trip most every night you know it's wrong, but you think it's right You've got a ticket to ride a bum but you've been had and the day is done You try to walk and you only run you feel at a loss and I'm the one (chorus) Trip is through and so are you the vision's blurred, you've lost the word You question me, can't you see I want you, believe in me Time stands still as the clock ticks on Tomorrow's here and the day is done You're at the start, it's over now take your hippies and leave me, child You and your lies are bringing me down given the sound of the underground A nickel bag and you're alright but your place is here and you're out of sight Your love is gone and you want to fight but your day is gone it's your last night My life's a freak and you're a sight your pushing too high, as high as a kite repeat chorus (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - August 2003)


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