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EYES THAT SAY "I LOVE YOU" (Fred Fisher, 1919) I've often heard it said that eyes are just windows of the soul, And in that little game of love, they play the leading role, I've studied every color, and learn'd to realize, The wondrous charm that lies within a pair of roguish eyes. A mother tells her baby just by looking in its eyes, A doctor with a single glance, knows where the trouble lies, We tell a cook that's clever that she must Hooverize, But you can't tell a woman just by looking in her eyes. Eyes that are always telling lies, naughty eyes, Eyes that are blue or grey What do they want to make those eyes at me for, at you for, Just to steal your heart away, Eyes that can fool the very wise, Wicked eyes, Eyes that can look you thru, But of all the eyes I see, only two look good to me, They're the eyes that say "I love you."


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