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FACE IT GIRL, IT'S OVER (Francis Stanton / Angelo Badale) as recorded by Nancy Wilson 1968 When you look into his eyes and he turns away, When you're at a corner table and there's nothing much to say, Does he have to draw you pictures, does he have to spell it out? Face it girl, it's over! Oh yeah, it's over! When he glances at his watch and it isn't late, And you try hard to amuse him but he doesn't concentrate, Just how plainly can he tell you, does he have to shout out loud? Face it girl, (face it girl) oh yeah it's over! (what's the use) What's the use in hangin' on While he slowly slips away from you? Don't go along for the ride, Keep some semblance of pride, There's really nothing else you can do! (there ain't nothing you can do girl) (there ain't nothing you can do girl) Well the time has come, I know, for our last goodbye; Guess I'll have to go on living when it's easier to die! Give me strength enough to take it, take it like a woman should, (you'd better face it girl) Give me the strength I need to take it! (you'd better face it girl) Gotta go on, I gotta make it! (you'd better face it girl) I know I know I know I know I know I know it's over, It's over! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2017)


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