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FAIRY MOON (Charles K. Harris, 1911) Is my lover false or true, or only fooling me, tell me my Fairy Moon. Is he coming out tonight to meet his little girl, come to spoon? I will meet him at the gate and for his loving kiss I'll wait, for you know I love him so, won't you make him hurry I'm as lonesome as can be, he's so slow. Can't you see I'm lonely now, where can my sweetheart be, tell me my Fairy Moon. Does he love another girl instead of little me, Fairy Moon? There's a cloud before your face I see, perhaps you pity me, is it just because you know, just the same I love him still with all my heart and soul, tell him so. Fairy Moon to you I'm sighing, Fairy Moon, to you I'm crying, for you know my heart's own secrets, and I crave one little boon Fairy Moon my golden bubble, won't you help me in my trouble, tell me is my sweetheart true, my Fairy Moon.


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