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FALCO RIDES AGAIN (Rob Bolland / Ferdi Bolland / Falco) Falco (Austria) This is the story of a lonely man Who’s seen the world From Japan to Afghanistan Hey! ho! Everybody thought that I was gone for good But I’m back - understood Hey! ho! I’ve been through the snow and the storm Felt the cold No one to keep me warm Agony and pain Falco rides again - bang bang I won’t break I won’t bend Falco rides again It’s me and my gang I came back just like a boomerang I’ll fight ’till the end Falco rides again I’ve been up, I’ve been down I’ve been pushed around Beated, mistreated, Gagged and bound Hey! ho! Not a soul in the world thought I would survive Took every muscle in my body to stay alive Hey! ho! I’ll break down the walls No more defeat I want the taste of victory Revenge is sweet ... rides again!


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