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FANCY MEETING YOU HERE Jimmy Van Heusen (m) Sammy Cahn (l) 1958 as rec by Rosemary Clooney & Bing Crosby w Billy May & his Orch August 7th 1958 Los Angeles [rc] Didn't I say? [bc] Didn't you say? [both] Didn't we say? Didn't who say? [rc] Didn't you say you were off to China? Fancy meeting you here! [bc] Yes, and didn't you just board an ocean liner? Fancy meeting you here! [both] Didn't we agree that our affair was too frantic, And we'd both feel good divided by the wide Atlantic? [rc] Weren't you yachting off the Riviera? [bc] With Onnassis! [rc] Fancy meeting you here! [bc] Was it jolly roaming the Sahara? [rc] Dry, but laughs! [bc] Fancy meeting you here! [both] If you don't think I have missed your lovin', Let's get this clear, dear! [bc] I just think it's fancy meeting you right here! [rc] Did you say that you enjoyed Alaska? [bc] Loved it, loved it! Did I get a note from Madagascar? [rc] Wrote it! [bc] You're a good girl! [rc] Didn't we divide our little world into sections? [bc] A clean break! But love has sure affected both our senses of directions! [bc] Say, tell me somethin', how did you ever lose that wealthy, that big fat Persian? [rc] 'Twasn't easy! [bc] Fancy meetin' you here! [rc] Did you take that African excursion? [bc] I blew it! [rc] Yeah, for the local zoo here! [both] If you don't think it's a kick to see ya, Let's get this clear, dear! [bc] From the way my heart is wildly beating, [rc] What we had is more than worth repeating, [bc] My arm, girl! [both] And it's more than fancy meeting you right here! (Contributed by Peter Akers - October 2009)


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