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FAR AWAY IN HONOLULU (THEY'VE GOT THE TANGO CRAZE) (Burt & Frank Leighton, 1917) Far away in Honolulu, Where the natives do the tango, Most every evening You can see them dance (See them dance, see them dance) To the funny music playing, You can see them all a swaying, If you should go there, They would put you in a trance. Should you ever take a notion, That you want to cross the ocean, Just take a steamboat to Hawaii land. (To Hawaii, to Hawaii) Travel into Honolulu, Where'll you see the Hula Hula, Just watch those maidens, And hear the Ukelele Band. In Honolulu where they used to dance the Hula, In native costumes and pretty lays, With the Ukeleles playing, They start a swinging and a swaying, Far away in Honolulu They've got the tango craze.


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