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FARE THEE, HONEY, FARE THEE WELL (J. Mayo Williams / John Akers) Connee Boswell (with Ben Pollack & Orch.) - 1938 Georgia White - 1938 Count Basie & His Orch. - 1939 Andy Kirk & His Clouds Of Joy (vocal: June Richmond) - 1943 Hollywood Flames - 1954 You told me well at fall You didn't need me round at all So fare thee, honey, fare thee well Now I'm packin' up my grip Made up my mind to take a trip Woah, fare the, honey, fare thee well You told me right to my face That I could eas'ly be replaced Woah fare thee, honey, fare thee well No use to take it back `Cause I've got my suitcase packed It's fare thee, honey, fare thee well (Orchestral Break) You told me when last spring When the birds began to sing It was fare thee, honey, fare thee well Time and time again You'd look at me and grin With a fare thee, honey, fare thee well You chase around all over town Every night you lied to me You made me burn but now it's my turn You have said your last farewell to me Well I guess by now you've learned That the little worm has turned Woah, fare thee, woah, fare thee. Honey, fare thee well. (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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