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FASCINATING MAN (Tore) as recorded by Eartha Kitt with Henri Rene & his Orchestra April 5th 1946 Hollywood Fascinating man, ain't you got no gal to love? Ain't you got no lovin' gal to love you? Chase away those blues, got no time to lose, Plenty other women you can choose! Fascinating man, what you waitin' for so long? No use waitin' for that gal, 'cause she has done you wrong! Honey, don't delay, just give me one little sign, Fascinating man, be mine! Ain't you feelin' good? Gee, I wish you would Tell me that I ain't misunderstood! Bewitchin' kind o' man, please believe I'd like to see Not just fascinating you, but fascinating we! Why do you resist? You know you long to be kissed By a fascinating gal - like me! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2013)


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