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FDR JONES (Harold Rome) Judy Garland Also recorded by: Cab Calloway; Charlie & his Orch.; King Cole Trio; Ella Fitzgerald; Flanagan & Allen; Glenn Miller; The Mills Brothers; Sam Pilafian; Harry Roy; Chick Webb. I hear tell there's a stranger in the Jones' household, (Yes siree, yes siree) That's what I am told I hear tell there's a new arrival six days old (Yes siree, yes siree) Worth his weight in gold Come right in and meet the son Christening's done, time to have some fun (Yes Siree, yes siree) yes siree-e-e-e (Yes siree, yes siree-e) It's a big holiday everywhere For the Jones Family has a brand new heir He's a joy heaven sent, and we proudly present, Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones. When he grows up he never will stray With a name like the one that he got today When he walks down the street Folks will say "pleased to meet Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones" What a smile, and how he shows it He'll be happy all day long What a name, I bet he knows it With that handle how can he go wrong And the folks in the town all agree He'll be famous, as famous as he can be How can he be a dud Or a stick-in-the-mud When he's Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones. Go to sleep my baby, and maybe, You'll balance the budget by and by Oh you're a lucky baby With Franklin D. for your name Mrs. Jones' baby boy is a welcome resident Give him a fishing rod for a toy, He's the future president When this rascal goes to school ABCs wont matter Teach him plain old `rithmetic And of course the fire side chatter My friends, my friends, let's all shout "Hooray" We'll be proud to affirm when he serves his fourth term Just you wait and see, he'll make history `Cause he's Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones. (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - June 2006)


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