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FELIX THE WONDERFUL CAT (Lyrics by Alfred Bryan / Music by Pete Wendling, Max Kortlander) - circa 1955 He's a-maz-ing, he's re-mark-a-ble, He is fear-less, un-be-liev-a-ble. He is su-per doo-per and ex-trao-di-na-ry. He's the kind of guy that keeps you feel-ing mer-ry. Who? Fe-lix the cat__the won-der-ful, won-der-ful cat.___ When-ev-er he gets in a fix he reach-es in-to his bag of tricks. Fe-lix the cat___the won-der-ful, won-der-ful cat.____ You'll laff so much your sides will ache your heart will go pit - a- pat watch-ing Fe-lix the won-der-ful cat.


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